CBD Wholesale Services:

Looking to put Nu-Med on your shelves? Wholesale orders of Nu-Med products start at a minimum of $2,000 and typically items are 50% off retail. This option includes mixing and matching of Nu-Med branded items. If white label products are in your future but you want to become more familiar with our products first, then wholesale products may be a great first step for you. Send us an email and we’ll have a representative assist you further.

For those looking to start a CBD business or looking to expand your current product line, Nu-Med can help.  Whether it’s your preferred dilute; custom CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC content; custom terpene and essential oils or your own label, logo, and bottles. We are the one stop shop for anyone looking to start a CBD business. Whether it’s full spectrum or isolate tinctures, vape cartridges with custom blend of terpenes, or topicals with your own essential oils; we work directly with you to manufacture the exact product you’re looking for.

Colorado Grown

We source from licensed Colorado farmers and extractors to bring you some of the most competitive prices per milligram in the industry. Because we source from multiple farms, you can be assured our prices stay competitive. We offer ethyl-alcohol, hydrocarbon, and CO2 extracted raw oil, depending on the finished product you’re looking for. These phytocannabinoid rich hemp extracts can be infused into hundreds of consumable products.

Custom Carrier Oils:

We use organic MCT coconut oil and hempseed oil in our Nu-Med tinctures, however; we are able to source other carrier oils including grapeseed oil, olive oil, and even customizable blends your clients might prefer. We also use Abstrax TEC in our vape cartridges, we believe this to be superior to vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), and other cutting agents currently on the market for vaping.

Nu+Med CBD Oils and more

Custom Potency

We can make your vape pens, topicals, tinctures, or capsules with any combination of CBD, CBG, CBN, or THC content. Whether it is custom CBD in tinctures, from isolate or full spectrum oil, or your very own custom formulated topical. We work directly with you to find out your needs so we can tailor make items for your specific customer base. For people in states that cannot offer full spectrum or for people that are subject to random urine analysis, we offer isolated products so you can enjoy some of the benefits of mother nature without risking your livelihood.

Nu+Med CBD Oils and more

Custom Terpene and Essential Oils

While many people like the taste of our original non-flavored products, we offer custom flavored products that can be matched to meet any customer base. We offer lemon and peppermint flavors in our Nu-Med tinctures, but we can work directly with our suppliers to offer other flavors. Everything from blueberry, orange, cinnamon and even bacon for dogs. We are confident that we can find the flavor to suit your client’s palate. Nu-Med vape cartridges come infused with pineapple, lemon, and banana terpene profiles. We can source over 3 dozen strain specific profiles to give you the exact blend of terpenes you are looking for. We use lavender, camphor, along with other oils in our Nu-Med topicals but we can source dozens of other essential oils, along with botanicals and nutrients of your choice, that can be infused into your massage oils, face or body cream, and lip balm.

Nu+Med CBD Oils and more

Custom White Labeling

For those looking for custom labels, logos, or packaging: there is a minimum order of $10,000 that must be met. Needless to say - we do it all, custom artwork, custom packaging, and custom size/color packaging for any products you order. Allowing you time to do what’s most important, grow your business. Lead time for the first order will be 3 to 4 weeks to setup artwork and get packaging printed from our suppliers. Rest assured when you get your custom logo branded items you will be 100% satisfied or we will make it right. Custom wholesale is what we do.